Available Programme

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is an undergraduate professional degree which prepares students for work as a teacher or in other places...

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National Certificate in Education (N.C.E.)

The National Certificate in Education (N.C.E.) is a special A-Level grade Course intended for Secondary school leavers or their equivelent.

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Professional Diploma in Education (P.D.E)

A Professional Diploma enhances or serves as an alternative equivalent to an academic diploma. It is usually focused on certifying individuals for specific jobs or skills...

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Sandwich Program (S.W.P)

Sandwich Programme are courses offered by some universities where some of your studies take place working in industry or studying abroad.

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Part-Time Program (P.T.P)

The Part-Time Program is designed for regularly matriculated undergraduate students who for reasons of employment, family responsibilities, or health are not able to carry the full course load of 15 credits each quarter.

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Pre-NCE Program (P.N.P)

The Preliminary NCE Program aims at preparing candidates for admission into the standard NCE Program. It's designed for students who usually not qualified for Direct Admission. Successful students at the end of Pre-NCE course are absorbed into the NCE Program.

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